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Does Your Credit Union Have Reliable Information Technology?

If you are a network administrator or department head concerned about the performance of your financial organization’s current IT infrastructure, SymTec is here to help. We can answer the question of whether or not your credit union has the reliable information technology or not in a positive way. We have long-term IT solutions that will make sure you never have to ask the question again!

Speaking of questions you need to ask, we can definitely help if you find yourself asking ones like these:

  • Why are my systems going down?
  • Why are member interactions taking so long? Are my applications slow?
  • Are my IT systems compliant with NCUA guidelines and practices?
  • How do I enable all these new services and technologies my members want?
  • Why am I being told I need to buy more licenses, memory, storage, or servers?
  • Why am I spending so much on IT systems?
  • Do I have the right people, staffing, and skill-sets?
  • Am I prepared for my upcoming core conversion?
  • Are my backup, business continuity, and disaster recovery plans sufficient?
  • Is my members’ financial data truly secure?
  • Am I susceptible to Ransomware and Cryptolocker viruses?

How SymTec is Meeting Credit Union Technology Challenges

Here are some of the key areas in which we are meeting credit union information technology challenges for clients nationwide:


Credit Unions are heavily regulated businesses that require constant technology updates and maintenance for system security, compliance, performance, and technical advances. A Credit Union’s information technology systems must be holistically designed and expertly maintained to meet current and upcoming regulatory requirements.


Most Credit Unions recognize the significant need to keep up with security but are often lacking the staff required to maintain daily focus. Based on their recent audits, the NCUA has placed a heavy focus on Cyber Security thereby placing it at the forefront of many Credit Unions’ priority list.

In today’s risk-saturated environment the security team for a Credit Union deals not only with traditional perimeter security but they also must address security issues such as malware, viruses, phishing, and social engineering. Cyber attackers are well funded and cast a wide net, making attacks on Credit Unions both dangerous and likely. We help Credit Unions strengthen their defensive position to keep member data secure.


Keeping up with IT compliance is daunting for most regulated environments, Credit Unions included. IT compliance requires constant focus in an effort to avoid the risk of non-compliance with NCUA guidelines. Any limitations in either the number or knowledge of staff members can make it challenging to meet these requirements. New technology such as cloud computing, virtualization, and managed environments provide Credit Unions a flexible and secure infrastructure to assist in meeting compliance requirements. Our infrastructure solutions include business logic, automated updates, alerting, and reporting to help Credit Unions meet compliance requirements.


In order to improve services for members, Credit Unions continue to invest in new services delivery channels such as mobile account access, mobile check deposit, automated teller machines, and advanced ATM kiosks. With an agile IT infrastructure from SymTec, new member services and mobile Credit Union staff enable and support the new ways Credit Unions interact with members.


It’s easy to see how Credit Union IT staff can become overwhelmed with keeping the current environment running while trying to address new initiatives at the same time. SymTec can assist by providing strategic resources to help address new technology initiatives, the need to maximize Credit Union information technology investments, as well as provide value back to Credit Union members thru those technology investments. Newer technologies such as cloud computing, virtualization, and managed services create efficiencies, stabilize costs, and enable staff to concentrate their time and efforts on forward-thinking initiatives that help progress the Credit Union business.

What Our Professional IT Consulting & Support Services Can Do

Our IT consulting and managed support services can and will help you rein in all of these issues in ongoing, productive ways, that include:


The SymTec team has become well-accustomed to solving information technology issues for Credit Unions. We help Credit Unions identify gaps in their infrastructure and then work together with our clients to resolve those gaps. Our staff of experienced architects provide clear documentation and have open and transparent conversations to help Credit Unions understand what is working well, what may need improvement, what may be a business or security priority, as well as how much those improvements may cost.


Our team of IT engineers, technicians, and consultants help remediate any issues uncovered during an assessment. With a clear process, priority list, and agreed upon schedule we quickly work to improve a Credit Union’s information technology systems. This means that your Credit Union will be well-prepared to take the next step towards any larger infrastructure projects.


After remediation, we design the future state architecture to support the Credit Union’s goals. We have experienced Enterprise Architects who listen for business goals, understand business processes, and help create an overall holistic IT architecture that meets the specialized needs of your Credit Union. The architecture and IT strategy go together to support and enable your Credit Union’s overall business strategy.

Get Your Credit Union Information Technology Squared Away Permanently

We encourage credit union managers to discuss and confirm the status of each of these items with their IT personnel and then obtain external assistance from SymTec wherever they are not absolutely sure.

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