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Bring A Smile To Your Face: SymTec’s Computer Support For Dental Offices

Have You Had Your Fill-ing of Bad Computer Support for Dental Offices?

We’ve all been there. Trusting a company that claims to be good at computer support for dental offices – only to have them let you down. There’s no doubt that there are computer-fix-it companies in Cedar City, Idaho Falls, and St George that don’t have the experience or the skillset to deal with the complex IT environment of a dental practice.

But if you’re in the market for a new IT support team, you don’t have to search around on the internet any further.

You’re at the right place!

The SymTec team will leverage their experience with dental IT systems to help you take control of your technology.

We Cover More Than Computer Support For Dental Offices!

Although we love working with the local dentist office, we know that the broader dental industry is in need of IT support as well. We leverage our skills in dentistry technology to help oral surgeons, orthodontists, pediatric dentists, prosthodontic practices, and surgeons involved in oral and maxillofacial surgery. Each aspect of the dental industry has unique IT requirements, and we are proud to be a tiny part of helping people to be healthier and smile bigger.

Software for Dental Offices

You didn’t think that setting up the IT for your dental office would be so challenging!  There are many dental software choices to pick from, and it’s hard to discern which one is the right one for you.  All of them offer different advantages, and without spending time working with each system, it’s difficult to know which is best.  Computer support for dental offices just isn’t your forte. After all, you trained to care for people’s health and to run the administrative side of practice – not the technology.

It’s becoming apparent to you that trying to manage the IT for your dental office is more than you can handle alongside the needs of your busy practice.  You need an outsourced, IT support team with expertise in dental software to help you sort between the options.

For example:

If you are a dental office with ten workstations and one server that uses Eaglesoft and is considering moving to WinOMs. Who would you talk to about that switchover?

Sure, you could call the software developer. Each sales associate will give you the pitch about why theirs is the best for you, and you’ll likely leave the conversation just as confused as you were before.

Maybe you use Carestream for your imaging, but there are just a few things about it that don’t seem to fit the way you want to use that important software. Who do you call to make the software do what YOU want it to do?

Unbiased software advice can only come from experts that know dentistry and are familiar with the inner workings of dental software. The IT experts at SymTec can give you insight that will cut through the software salesman’s pitch and help you make an informed decision for your practice.

Eaglesoft or WinOMs?

Eaglesoft is no doubt a leader in dental office management software.  This IT suite is designed for efficiency – providing significant benefits for your busy practice.

A few Eaglesoft Features:

  • Insurance support
  • Simplified payment processing with CareCredit
  • Streamlined medical claim form assistance
  • Enhanced accounting services
  • Customizable form options
  • Improved patient communications tools
  • Data tracking to chart areas of growth and potential
  • Treatment plan cost forecasting
  • Efficient client scheduling systems

WinOMs is also an all-inclusive dental office management package.  It was developed to meet the many and varied needs of busy dentists and their staff.

A few of WinOMs features:

  • Paperless patient records
  • Access to 3rd party dental software services such as PBHS, Amazing Charts EHR, and OMS3
  • Additional electronic services including automated statements, e-Backup, eClaims, ePayments, and much more
  • Upgraded modules available in tiered packages
  • Other resources available through an online library
  • Technical support solutions

With just this brief listing of features, you can easily see how challenging it is to decide between two great systems. Software selection is one area where you need experienced computer support for dental offices team.

Some of the software vendors that we work with from week to week are:

Practice Management Software

  • PBS Endo
  • MediaDent
  • TDO
  • Patient Base
  • Dentrix
  • PracticeWorks
  • Dolphin
  • Orthotrac
  • Windent
  • Eaglesoft
  • Softdent
  • Easy Dental
  • Computer Age

Imaging Software

  • Dolphin Imaging
  • ImageFX
  • Schick
  • Dentrix Image
  • Apteryx
  • Ortho Imaging
  • Dexis Imaging
  • VixWin’s Gendex
  • Kodak Imaging (Trophy)
  • Eaglesoft Imaging

The SymTec team believes that the best way to find the right computer support option for your busy dental office is by comparing the top contenders against each other. Whether it is a software choice like the example above, a decision about new hardware, or a question about security, data backup, or compliance, you need the best, unbiased advice you can find. That’s SymTec!

Computer Support For Dental Offices That Understands HIPAA Compliance

Your dental practice contains as nearly much personal information about your patients as the doctor’s office down the road. The law states that the health records of your patients must be protected and that you must follow the guidelines laid out in the HIPAA legislation. To help dental industry clients of SymTec get and stay compliant, we offer reviews that will enable us to help you spot potential shortfalls.

Our HIPAA reviews include:

  • Onsite Analysis of Existing Policies & Systems in Place
  • Thorough Analysis and Deliverables Reporting of Findings
  • Implementation Plan to Ensure Compliance
  • Audits for All Complete Care Clients

Once we have identified areas where your IT systems don’t live up to the letter of HIPAA standards, we can then work with you to bring your practice up to par by tackling the shortfalls one by one.

What else does the top company in computer support for dental offices offer?

We’re glad you asked! We won’t drone on and on about all the technical stuff that we can do to streamline your processes and secure your data. But we do want to point out some of the primary IT services offerings that we provide daily for dental practices like yours.

  • Managed IT Services – Complete, ongoing care for your entire IT system including management, monitoring, maintenance, alerting, troubleshooting, remediation, and help desk support. We offer Managed IT Services at an easy-to-budget monthly
  • Cloud Services – There are advantages to moving hosting, data storage, and workflows into the cloud. We will help you make a choice between private, public, and hybrid cloud solutions and ensure that your patients’ data is secure in your chosen cloud environment.
  • Microsoft Office 365 – Microsoft hit a home run with this productivity suite. It seems they thought of everything – except someone to show you how it all works and how to configure it to give you the most efficiency. That’s where the SymTec team comes into the picture. Let us help you.
  • Cybersecurity – Your practice should not be using home versions of firewalls and antivirus. Yes, it’s essential to use these solutions, but you have to up your game and use business-class versions of these. But there is a lot more to IT security than firewalls and antivirus. By partnering with SymTec, you get holistic, continually managed and monitored approach to your cybersecurity.
  • Hardware Purchasing – As we stated above, we are your advisors on hardware purchases. We’ll make sure that the hardware that you buy is adequate for the job and robust enough to handle your environment. Because we aren’t resellers, we can give honest feedback about the options you have available.

Let’s talk! The SymTec team is ready to help you and your employees spend more time with patients and less time in front of a sluggish computer. Contact us now at (435) 817-9471.

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