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Cybersecurity Solutions & Computer Security Consulting

Are you 100% confident in your network security, data protection, and cybersecurity solutions?

SymTec is one of the top cybersecurity companies in Utah and Idaho. When your company partners with SymTec as your trusted Information Technology consulting company, your organization will have a sound cybersecurity strategy designed to minimize your organization’s exposure to cybercriminals, ransomware attacks, hackers and crackers, viruses, and much more.

Cybersecurity solutions are much more than just a firewall and antivirus. Cybersecurity starts in your company culture and expands out from the core of your business – your staff.

Employee Education

SymTec’s approach to cybersecurity starts with your team members. When you engage with SymTec, one of the first “get down to business” activities is hosting cyber education training with your entire staff. During this short education session, SymTec will help your team understand the risks associated with:

  • Social Engineering
  • Email Spoofing
  • Ransomware Detection
  • Security Best Practices
  • And much more

SymTec believes that security starts with education.

Network Security

SymTec works with you and your team to ensure you have the most reliable network security solutions. Our cybersecurity professionals will ensure you have the right firewall service, wireless networking security, endpoint protection, and even web security solutions to keep your entire network secure from all threats impacting businesses today.

Perimeter Security

SymTec has many years experience securing the perimeter of a company’s network. We work with many of the top firewall vendors and network security organizations. SymTec’s cybersecurity experts will ensure that your company’s perimeter protection has deep packet inspection technology, gateway antivirus, antimalware, and even zero-day protection

Data Protection

SymTec understands that your business data must be protected, either in motion or at rest. Secure data storage, proper data backup solutions, and business continuity systems are cornerstones in ensuring that data is protected from loss.

Next, businesses must have proper authentication mechanisms in place, proper access controls, and overall network security that will ensure only authorized members of your team have access to files.  SymTec will also ensure that if required, compliance and regulatory standards for data protection will be addressed.

When your team sends files and information to customers, partners, and vendors, SymTec will ensure that your data is protected while in motion with encrypted emails, secure file sharing, and other technologies available to make sure your data is protected at all times.

Email Security

SymTec recommends all companies have the best email security solutions in place, adding an extra layer of protection from email-borne threats. Many security threats start by entering a company through email. This is why education is crucial, but also having a top email security solution in place that scan every single email coming into your network is just as crucial. This protects your company from unwanted email (spam) and also threats through email.

Web Security

SymTec believes that a company must have a robust web security solution that protects websites and web properties (portals etc.) from hackers. Company websites are a prime target for those looking at distributing malware and viruses. SymTec will ensure your website is properly protected from all threats.

SymTec’s cybersecurity specialists will also ensure that your company has web security on each desktop that scans websites and web services your staff is accessing when they are at work. Web scanning is a “must have” solution that scans all web traffic, and if the website or web service passes its security check, then your staff can access good sites online.

Wireless Network Security

More and more companies are implementing wireless networks. Wireless networks must be secure. Even some of the top encryption technologies have revealed vulnerabilities, and this is the reason SymTec ensures that the wireless networks our clients use are under constant scrutiny. We ensure your company’s guest wireless network is setup properly, keeping it segregated from your main company WIFI network and making sure that only authorized team members have access to your main company network.

SymTec has many years of experience working with small business and larger firms setting up and maintaining complex wireless networks.

Your Company Needs A Comprehensive Cybersecurity Solution

SymTec works with local businesses to ensure that they have all the right cybersecurity solutions. Since SymTec does not resell products or services, we only recommend the top cybersecurity services for our clients. This independent approach makes sure you are getting the “best of breed” technologies without us getting incentives to resell products.

This in turn ensures your company is getting the best cybersecurity solutions.

Don’t leave your cybersecurity to chance. Contact SymTec right away using the form on the right side of this page to book a complimentary cybersecurity review for your business. SymTec is here to protect your company from the threats online today.

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