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Computer Health Monitoring to Watch Over Your System

The SymTec Approach: Computer Health Monitoring

Your business runs best when your computers are working perfectly. Sluggish computers waste time and money while frustrating your dedicated staff. By partnering with the SymTec team, your company will be able to work efficiently without the interruptions of computer system slowdowns and roadblocks.

The SymTec Process – Delivering Seamless IT Environments Through Continuous Computer Health Monitoring

  • Leading computer health monitoring protocols
  • Industry-recognized technicians
  • Secure links between our office and your business
  • 24/7/365 ongoing monitoring
  • Quick, appropriate response to an indication of malfunction
  • Robust response to computer security concerns

The SymTec Professionals – Experts at Computer Health Monitoring

Who are you giving access to your computers? Many companies hire fly-by-night, computer-fix-it guys, and those companies are playing a risky game. Why? Because computer technicians have access to your personal data, your proprietary information, your passwords, and likely, your financials. That’s a lot of private information to put into the hands of an individual without credentials, track record, and business insurance.

Reliable. Trustworthy. Credentialed.

These are the qualities that are embodied by our professional IT support staff.

The SymTec Partnership – Working closely with your staff and working to reach your goals.

Your business matters to you. Because it’s important to you, it’s important to us.

Although aspects of technology are the tools that we use to support your business, meeting your objectives and reaching your goals is the first job of our IT services team.

To leverage IT for your business advantage, we work diligently to understand your internal processes. Knowing how you use technology enables us to optimize your technology to undergird your workflow and productivity efforts.

When you pick up the phone to reach out to one of the SymTec team, you will be treated like a valuable partner – not a number, a nuisance, or a paycheck.

The SymTec Protection – Using Computer Health Monitoring to watch over your entire system.

We protect your productivity and enhance the efficiency of your employee’s efforts by monitoring the health of more than simply your computers. We utilize a holistic approach to your IT environment and monitor the individual elements of your technology to assess their health in real time. We simultaneously watch over each of the following:

  • Network
  • Computers
  • Mobile Devices
  • Virtual Machines
  • Workstations
  • Servers

Watching over your IT infrastructure and its second-by-second performance gives our technicians tiered insight into the background IT functions that drive your ability to get everything you need out of your computers, applications, and network.

By utilizing this granular view of your IT health, we are able to make use of metrics in optimizing your systems as you scale and respond in real time to alerts. Tools, graphs, and reports help us see a 360-degree picture of the internal workings of your IT environment.

Having this detailed level of information at our disposal allows us to continually refine your device controls and computer health protocols to deliver the most user-friendly, online working environment for your company.

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