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Meet The SymTec Team – Colten Thompson, Technician

SymTec is proud to have Colten Thompson as a member of our team of technicians – read on to learn a little bit more about Colten and what makes him tick.

There are no bad tools, just bad craftsmen, right?

The simple fact is that anyone, with enough money, can get the latest, bleeding edge products – but what really counts is how well you can use them. The value of expertise and ability quickly outweighs the quality of a product – that’s why having the right people on your team is so important.

IT is an undeniably important part of business today, but despite how necessary it is, we know that you don’t want to worry about it. The SymTec team of IT professionals understands that your real priority is first and foremost your business, and often you simply don’t have the time or the resources to ensure your IT is optimized.Colten Thompson, Technician you take care of it.

It’s precisely for these reasons that SymTec is so proud of the many expert team members we have working with clients like you each and every day. When we can, we like to share a little bit more about our team, so you can know them better – especially when they’re the ones supporting your business!

Colten Thompson joined SymTec as an engineer not too long ago, in March of this year. Even having only been here for a few months now, Colten reports that he’s been enjoying his work every single day.

His favorite part of working with SymTec so far is that every day is a new adventure, each of which is filled with service tickets that help him to grow in his knowledge of and experience with business technology – “I absolutely love the feeling,” says Colten.

That’s enough about his work at SymTec right now though – what about the more personal side of Colten? We asked him if he could meet and have a conversation with any historical figure, who would it be?

“It sounds a little cheesy, but I think I’d love to have a conversation with someone like Bruce Lee,” says Colten. “Reading quotes and watching movies is nice and all, but I would really love to pick his brain about his philosophy in regard to adaptation and ‘flowing like water’.”

In his spare time, Colten occupies himself with a few different hobbies. As you may have guessed from his above answer about Bruce Lee, he enjoys studying martial arts in his free time, as well as reading.

“My hobbies include martial arts and lots of reading,” says Colten. “I do a little writing on the side; much to my embarrassment, however, I find my writing inorganic and too flowery.”

An avid reader, Colten hesitates to try to name a favorite single book. But, his all-time favorite series is undoubtedly the Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan/Brandon Sanderson. If given a weekend free of any obligations, Colten says he’d take the time to catch up on a favorite series of books.

When asked what he would do if he won the lottery, Colten offers a more meticulous answer than the usual, “quit my job and do nothing,” or “travel the world”. (That said, if he did travel the world, it would be to China, to see the sights and learn the language).

“I believe in working to later achieve your long-term goals,” says Colten. “Winning the lottery would cut that time in half, allowing me both the funds and time to do whatever I wished with my family and friends. Ultimately, however, I am meant to work, improve myself, and help others. It’s how I’m programmed, so I don’t think I could ever just lounge around all day.”

His favorite food, when it comes to dessert, is candied yams. Otherwise, it would have to be cheesy hash brown casserole.

When asked what piece of technology makes his life easier, Colten would have to say his smartphone. It handles a range of necessary tasks, while also allowing him to be mobile. “I believe my iPhone makes everything extremely easy,” says Colten. “It’s a compass, a calculator, and does mostly everything I need it to do in comfort while I’m on the move.”

As you can see, Colten is a thoughtful, intelligent, and interesting addition to our team – and we’re so happy to have him. He’s just one of the motivated, driven members of the Symtec team that help to keep our clients’ IT systems running smoothly.

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