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Citrix Private Cloud Solutions Provide Huge Benefits To CPA & Accounting Firms

Our Citrix Private Cloud Solutions Allow CPA Firms to Offer Remote Desktops for Their Staff Working from Home

With an increasing number of professionals opting to work from home, companies like CPA firms need IT solutions and support that guarantees their work-from-home employees can do their jobs safely and securely. This is why SymTec is glad to provide Citrix private cloud solutions that allow accounting firms to offer remote desktops to their staff who work from home.

SymTec, your nationwide business IT specialists based in Utah and Idaho, offers just the right virtual desktop solution with Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop.

We’re focusing on remote desktops for accounting firms in this article, but they really work wonders for any professional services sector, including:

  • Healthcare facilities
  • Law firms
  • Architects and designers
  • Engineers, and more.

Citrix Provides Secure Remote Access to Employees While Cutting IT Costs

Only Citrix provides a complete virtual app and desktop solution to meet all your needs from a single, easy-to-deploy platform. You can give your employees the freedom to work from anywhere while cutting IT costs at the same time. Deliver Windows, Linux, Web, and SaaS applications or full virtual desktops to workers on any device, anywhere.

How Citrix Cloud Helped an Accounting Firm Embrace Technology

Here’s a case study that any CPA firms in need of remote desktop solutions should familiarize themselves with:

Global accounting firm Hernandez & Company used Citrix Cloud to improve security and access to information across its global organization.

Hernandez & Company had relied on a third-party cloud provider for access to Citrix XenApp. As the company grew and needed more control over applications and data for its clients and employees, it moved to Citrix Cloud.

Armando Hernandez, CEO of the Miami-based firm, shared his experiences with Citrix Cloud in a session at the 2017 Citrix Synergy user conference in Orlando, in May of this year. Citrix has strongly pushed the service this year, although some IT professionals have concerns about going to the cloud.

But, are these reservations about employing private cloud solutions like remote desktop services justified?

“We have so many international clients, we decided to use the cloud as a way of embracing technology,” Hernandez said.

Citrix Cloud Benefits for Accounting Firms

Hernandez & Company employees used to take large folders of paper documents in hand to visit clients. Now they can rely on the ShareFile service, delivered through Citrix Cloud, to share accounting information in about 90% of their client interactions, Hernandez said.

“I had one client tell me, ‘Don’t send me those beautiful folders anymore; it’s easier to have it all this way,'” he said.

“We have so many international clients, we decided to use the cloud as a way of embracing technology.”

The accounting firm has an office branch in India that processes data. Previously, employees there would have to transfer that data to another server before their U.S. counterparts could use it. Now, with the whole company on Citrix Cloud, all offices can more easily share data.

Hernandez & Company also uses NetScaler in Citrix Cloud to secure data, including when employees access corporate information on their mobile devices while on client visits.

“Any access point is going to be monitored and encrypted,” Hernandez said.

Citrix Cloud also brought benefits around IT administration, claims one IT solutions provider that helped the CPA firm with its remote desktop solution. The management plane is available through the cloud, so IT administrators can make changes and deal with support issues from users anywhere at any time, said the IT specialist.

It only took two days to implement Citrix Cloud, which was another benefit, he added.

“There was nothing to plan for,” he said. “It’s a simple connection and making sure the right applications are allowed for each user.”

(Source: Tech Target, Alyssa Provazza)

Citrix Synergy 2017 Conference

Citrix made a pair of crucial acquisitions in the last 12 months. The company purchased Norskale in September 2016 to bolster user environment management, and in January 2017 it picked up Unidesk to fold into its application layering capabilities.

In the last year, Citrix has emphasized its core products, including making numerous significant updates to XenDesktop and XenApp, and strengthening its partnership with Microsoft.

More About XenDesktop

XenDesktop tends to be an especially good fit for organizations that allow users to work on the devices of their choice, as in BYOD. Mobile devices require a device-specific client component to connect to a virtual desktop. Most VDI vendors provide clients for the most common operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, and Android. XenDesktop also features clients for “alternative” operating systems, including Linux, BlackBerry/QNX, and HTML5/Chrome.

Need Cloud Services for Your CPA Firm?

What company doesn’t require a trusted cloud computing advisor like SymTec? We’re private cloud specialists who can help you establish remote desktop services for accountants working from home, and provide the needed 24/7 support to go with it.

As a Microsoft Silver Cloud Services partner, this is a great option for small businesses, and especially for law firms, healthcare facilities, and accounting firms with telecommuting staff who need solid remote desktop services that’s reliable and secure.

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