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What a Cedar City Vet Clinic Learned About IT Support

For you, it’s all about the health of the animals. For the SymTec team, it’s all about helping you deliver your services by providing your practice with always-on technology and IT support.

Let me illustrate this point by telling you a true story.

This past year, we got a call from the leader of a veterinary practice here in Cedar City. Let’s call her “Sheila.”

Sheila had recently expanded her company by buying a second clinic here in the city. The problem was, while doing her due diligence for the purchase she discovered that the technology that the soon-to-be-purchased clinic was woefully inadequate.

Sure, the staff knew what they were doing, and the veterinarians on staff were outstanding doctors, but they were working with early 2000 computers, imaging equipment, and customer relationship management software.

It was time for a change.

So, Sheila started looking for a professional IT support team to come in, make recommendations, and revamp the newly purchased vet clinic’s technology.

Sheila first turned to Google.


Because that’s what most of us do today.

As she scanned down the results for “IT support companies in Cedar City” she noticed something…

Some of these companies had great reviews, some had no reviews, and others…

Well, let’s just say that the others had some very unhappy clients who made their opinions known on Google reviews.

But back to our story.

Sheila decided to call the company with the most – and best – reviews.

That company was SymTec.

Her phone call to SymTec was answered by one of our fantastic support staff, and she was quickly handed off to one of our senior leadership team so she could get answers to all of her questions. About five minutes into the call, Sheila invited the SymTec team out to the newly purchased vet clinic to take a look for themselves and make an assessment of the situation.

The next day, one of the SymTec ownership team along with another IT technician visited the Cedar City vet clinic.

What did they find?

Well, we know you want to know about the animals first!

There was a Jack Russell Terrier there – mostly white with one big patch of brown fur over one eye. His name was Spade. Spade had injured his back leg by his continual jumping to try to clear the backyard fence. (He wanted the squirrel that was running in the trees just outside his yard.)

Another dog in the waiting room was a giant – a Great Dane named Princess. (Yes it was a girl dog.) Princess was an older dog – nearly 9 years – and was having some problems with arthritis.

A cat – we later learned was named Sophie – was in a carrier at the other end of the waiting room, not sure at all about the Spade and Princess staring her down from across the room.

Once we had met the animals that would most benefit from our technology implementation and management, Sheila (the owner and our guide for the vet clinic tour) took us into the back office where we met the clinic manager, Margaret. Margaret was excited about the change in ownership and even more enthused about the prospect of getting better equipment that would make her job easier.

We sat down with Margaret and asked her, “If you could have anything you wanted in vet technology, what would it be?”

She talked passionately about MRIs, Ultrasounds, Laparoscopy, microfracture detection, X-ray imaging advancements, wearable sensors…even 3-D printing.

It was obvious she was on top of the latest advancements in her field. She just hadn’t had the team around her – or the financial backing from ownership – to bring the clinic’s technology up to present-day standards.

“But what do you want most?” we asked.

“I want to be able to turn my computers on and use them without worry about security or hassles, and I want to be able to communicate with both our staff and clients efficiently in the ways they are now communicating – email, text, instant messaging, social media. That’s what I want most. That’s what will help our clients and staff the most right now.”

We assured her that we could make that a reality for her and then help her with some of the other technology integrated diagnostics that were on her wish list as ownership gave the approvals.

After a private conversation with Sheila to get approvals, we went to work sourcing and implementing new computers, cloud-based virtualized servers, CRM system, and Office 365. We set up an automatic appointment reminder system for them that sent out texts to clients the day before their appointment. That simple communications tool alone allowed them to lower their “no-show” rate by nearly half!

After we had put new hardware and software into place, integrated it with their diagnostic equipment, and trained the staff on new features, we began a conversation with Sheila about ongoing IT management, maintenance, and operational/security monitoring.

Sheila had already spent a fair amount of time with our team and on our website and understood the advantages of preventative maintenance vs. reactionary break/fix spending.

Sheila signed a contract with SymTec a week later.

Now her new veterinary practice location here in Cedar City not only has an IT system that is built for today’s veterinary clinic’s needs, but also her staff has access to:

  • 24/7 Emergency Troubleshooting
  • Business Hours Help-Desk – for all their IT questions
  • Remote and On-Site Support
  • Cybersecurity Monitoring, Remediation, and Staff Training
  • Collaboration and Efficiency – through integration and automation
  • Vendor Management – for any trouble with software or hardware under warranty by other vendors

Today, Spade the Jack Russell, Princess the Great Dane, and Sophie the cat  – and their owners – have a faster, more efficient vet clinic to visit! That means lower wait times and in the long run, better health outcomes.

After all, for you it’s all about the animals and the clients.

For us, it’s about helping you be successful in delivering health services to those animals.

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