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How Can Business Grade Wi-Fi Services Help Your Business? (Questions/Answers)

How Can We Up Your Business Presence With Wi-Fi?

As part of your wireless installation, we can set up guest access where visitors must first sign into your company’s Facebook page.  Why would you want us to do this? Because it’s an easy way to boost your presence and let others know that they should consider your services.

Idaho Falls Wifi Services

How Does This Work?

When checking into your business Wi-Fi, your Facebook Business Page can be shared to the user’s “friend list” so they will receive information about your organization.  It’s a free and easy way to market your services and get additional traffic to your page.  This can lead to new customers for your dental practice, car dealership, accounting service, or other type of business.

How Do We Tie Wi-Fi Into Your Facebook?

We use a solution called UniFi.  They introduced the Facebook Authentication method for Guest Wi-Fi to allow businesses to permit users to authenticate to Wi-Fi via Facebook.

  • Your patients or guests will need to Login to Facebook to authenticate Wi-Fi access with your Facebook account.
  • After signing in, they will be prompted with the ability to Check In, which is an excellent way to increase traffic to your Facebook page. Or skip Check-in and enter a Wi-Fi code depending on how you want to enforce this.

Using Facebook authorization can provide an easy and straightforward way of ensuring your customers can access Wi-Fi while also gaining the benefits of marketing your business via social media.

What Does Your Business Need To Do?

We’ll handle everything except setting up your Facebook page.  This is up to you. However, most businesses already have one.

We’ll set up your Wi-Fi (with your permission of course) so visitors accessing your guest Wi-Fi will first sign up on your Facebook page.  Keep this in mind when developing your page. You might want to post educational or sales information about what you do. Or maybe you’d like to post special offers like refer-a-friend promotions that will entice them to come back and others to visit your business.

Need Some Tips For Adding Great Content To Your Facebook Business Page?

The About Section:  This is one of the first pages people go to. It’s important to add content that aligns with your services. This can be a general description with information about how long you’ve been in business and why your patients, customers or clients depend on you. Consider including important milestones, awards or events that highlight your success in your industry.

Visuals:  A picture relays a thousand words.  Consider this when posting your photos. And if a picture relays who you are, a video will say even more.  Most marketers agree.  It’s a popular way today to get your message across.  And with Facebook Live, you can give your viewers a real-time view of how your organization functions.

Your Social Media Calendar:  We’re all busy, and marketing can often take a backseat to other priorities.  But, if you set up a social media calendar, you can set up reminders to do this.  Plus think about strategically placing posts that will be the most meaningful for your viewers during different times of the year.  Consider offering specials for the holidays.  Or “Lunch and Learns” for those businesses or clients you want to use your services. Tailor your posting frequency and strategies according to your business needs.

Keep It Timely:  Whenever you post new content to your Facebook Business Page, older posts will be pushed down in your Timeline.  If you want a post to stay up longer, you can “pin” it to the top of your page. You’ll want to do this when promoting upcoming events or announcements.

Assign A Facebook Manager: The last thing you want to do is ignore comments that visitors post on your page. Assign a member of your staff as your social media manager. They should have the ability to properly monitor and respond to comments and questions.  You might not need to respond to every comment, but they should definitely be monitored often and replied to as appropriate.

Want To Drive More Clients, Patients or Customers To Your Business in Southern Utah or Idaho?  Contact us, and we’ll set up your Wi-Fi and incorporate your Facebook Business Page into your Wi-Fi guest access.

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