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Southern Idaho and Utah Companies Need More Than the Basic Data Backup Solutions to Stay in Business 

And here’s why: the “basic” or low-grade business-level data backups just won’t cut it anymore. Companies from Cedar City and St. George UT to Idaho Falls ID, though, can trust SymTec to deliver the right solutions to their data problems — including enhanced disaster recovery planning that goes beyond data replication to include full security and continuity planning, that ensures your business can survive the myriad disasters that plague today’s computer-networked companies.

It’s remarkable how unreliable some company data backups are.

Some companies in Southern Utah and Idaho have substandard data backup solutions, and can’t expect any kind of viable recovery when they can’t trust those backups. Or, they get a false sense of failover security from only a basic level of data backup.

It may surprise you to know that there’s a lot more to back up data than a Disaster Recovery solution, though. You really need a DR solution that works organically and consistently with multiple backup solutions to ensure your business survival.

With a dynamic data backup solution, you can save time not having to do work again, and you can successfully recover from any mistakes.

Did your files get corrupted because they got so large? No problem, with a SymTec Full Data and Disaster Recovery solution. In just minutes, you can recover the file because you finally have the right type of data backup solution.

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Basically, you need a clear and present Backup and Disaster Recovery plan (BDR planning).

What is BDR?

As a small business owner, you’ve probably asked yourself this simple question at least once: “What is BDR?” Well, the most basic definition is a combination of data backup and disaster recovery solutions that are designed to work together to ensure uptime, diminish data loss, and maximize productivity in the midst of an attack, natural disaster, or other compromising situation. In other words, BDR solutions keep businesses safe when trouble strikes.

According to research by Security Week, the total volume of data loss at the enterprise level has increased more than 400 percent over the past couple of years and the trend doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon. With the rise of big data, cloud computing, and BYOD policies in the workplace, it’s becoming increasingly challenging for businesses to protect their private data.

Importantly, also – IT Web suggests that the total cost of data breaches will be more than $2.1 trillion by 2019. This is in part due to the fact that small businesses don’t always take security seriously. They wrongly assume that it’s the big corporations that face the highest risks. Unfortunately, this is a false assumption.

A Verizon report says that small data breaches — those with fewer than 100 files lost — cost between $18,120 and $35,730. Unless these are expenses that you can easily sustain, it’s time to implement a BDR plan.

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Top Reasons Why Idaho and Utah Businesses Need a BDR plan.

If you don’t currently have a BDR solution/plan in place, it’s probably that you’re unclear about the true value of BDR – and how it goes miles beyond basic data backup solutions.

We’ve provided some of the top benefits to give you an idea of why these solutions are so important to the health of your small business:

  1. They protect against natural disasters. Whether it’s a flood, earthquake, hurricane, blizzard, or other extreme natural disasters, there are plenty of uncontrollable circumstances that can cause your business to experience downtime. And, according to the National Archives and Records Administration, more than 90 percent of companies that experience a minimum of seven days of data center downtime go out of business within a year. Take a moment and ponder that. While a BDR plan won’t prevent a natural disaster from occurring, it will protect your data and ensure that downtime doesn’t compromise your company.
  2. Mitigates the effects of cyber attacks. As more and more data is moved online, cyber criminals are increasing their efforts and focusing on businesses that they believe are unprotected. In most cases, this means small businesses that appear vulnerable. Once again, a BDR plan can limit the impact of an attack and can prevent your business from losing valuable data.
  3. Keeps your client data safe. Do you store a lot of confidential client or customer data? If so, you can’t afford to lose this data or let it slip into the wrong hands. A BDR plan ensures that all this information is properly stored and controlled. Accordingly, you don’t have to worry about damaging your brand reputation, should an unforeseeable incident arise.
  4. Guards against human error. While natural disasters and cyber attacks are discussed more than anything else, the reality is that your own employees can be responsible for the biggest data losses. Mistakes happen and a single poor choice can end up compromising company data. That’s why it’s so important for businesses not only to train employees properly but also invest in the proper data backup solutions.
  5. Worry less about system failures.Finally, we all know that hardware, machines, and other systems fail. Regardless of how much you spend on your technology, no solution is perfect. Even systems that come with 99.9 percent uptime guarantees will falter every now and then. As such, businesses must invest in robust BDR plans that account for all such risks.

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So, there’s just a smidgen of the evidence pointing the way to a full Backup and Disaster Recovery overhaul for your company. We do complimentary assessments to give you a better picture of your data backup situation and can get started working virtually right away on your new and improved BDR plan.

Let SymTec Craft Your New Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution

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