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New Idaho Falls Startup Connects With SymTec For Affordable IT Services

Affordable IT Services In Idaho Falls

Recently, a new Idaho Falls startup company contacted SymTec looking for an IT partner that could provide it with solutions for pressing technical needs.

The business was hoping to find a company that offered affordable IT services, including server solutions, reliable internet connectivity and a new business phone system.

At SymTec, we specialize in providing our customers with affordable IT services that meet pressing business needs. Our solutions are designed to allow your company to focus on your core business objectives.

Outsourcing IT Services In Idaho Falls

Are Managed IT Services Appropriate for a Small Business?

At SymTec, we specialize in providing affordable IT services for growing Idaho small businesses. Idaho’s population is growing and Utah ranks first in job growth in the United States. With that growth comes a need for more businesses to serve an increasingly diverse population. Investing in managed IT services is a smart business decision that allows you to scale quickly.

How Do You Provide Affordable IT Services?

SymTec has years of experience developing, implementing and managing affordable IT solutions for small businesses. We begin with a careful assessment of your existing IT solution and learning about your pressing business and technology needs.

After the initial assessment, we design and build a customized IT solution that meets those needs by saving you money.

Managed IT solutions allow you to reduce or eliminate the need for onsite IT staff, or reallocate that talent to more pressing business needs. With managed IT, you’ll no longer have to pay for space required for a modern IT data center, including servers, cables, routers and switches. You will not have to monitor, maintain, power and cool servers, either, reducing your staff and utility costs.

Managed IT services are also designed to provide you with reliability. Your systems and applications will be available when needed and problems with hardware or software can usually be solved remotely. When apps and data are available, employees are more efficient.

Perhaps the greatest advantage of managed IT services is the price predictability. No longer will you need to pay for IT services on a case-by-case basis. Managed IT solutions are delivered at a predictable monthly cost.

What Is Included in SymTec’s Affordable IT Services?

SymTec offers a complete array of managed IT services, including:

  • Cloud hosting for data and applications
  • Help-desk services to respond quickly to technical issues
  • Comprehensive security solutions, including:
    • Next-generation firewalls to monitor and protect your network perimeter
    • Anti-virus, anti-spam and anti-phishing tools that are automatically updated to detect emerging threats
    • Data protection to keep information safe while in transit or at rest
    • Wireless network security to keep business and guest WiFi networks separated and monitored
    • Endpoint protection
    • Authentication procedures and access controls
    • Web security to protect websites and portals from malware and viruses
    • Employee education to inform staff about email spoofing, ransomware detection and security best practices
  • Cloud migration planning and execution
  • Strategic IT consulting to guide your technology planning and budgeting in the short and long terms
  • Hardware purchasing (not reselling) services to ensure your business gets the best solutions at the best prices
  • Microsoft Office 365 migrations and deployments for better collaboration

When you’re looking for affordable IT services, count on SymTec for the support and solutions your business needs. To schedule a free consultation, contact us today.

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