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I have found that that image size to be able 60GB if its over that size to get it to distribute to the other members of the grid you need to perform the following

put the grid into matenance mode

shut down the vdi in a box manager

from the hypervisor extend the secondary partition from 66 GB to what you need

start the vdi in a box manager

Login via the console or ssh
default username and password: root, kvm kaviza123
browse to the following folder
cd /home/kvm/kvm/install/bin

Run the following script

you can then view the disk size by typing: df -H
the export should match what you extended the partition to be.

You will need to perform the steps on each vdi in a box manager in the grid.

once thats done, go back to the vdi in...

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In preparation for the 2016 tax year the IRS has mandated that all tax software have a 30 min inactivity timeout

Timeout period: After 30 minutes of inactivity, CS Professional Suite applications will time out and users will be required to re-authenticate using their credentials — although access is suspended, the operation of the software is not, so processes such as long print jobs will continue during the timeout. For details, see Timeout periods in CS Professional Suite applications.

How to login quickly

the gofileroom quicklaunch will store your username and password for 24 hours. you can select it and quickly login again.

how to make quicklaunch always visable

1. Select the quicklaunch arrow in the bottom right corner


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Windows 10 - when joining to a domain you get the following

Unable to join domain already connected to an Azure AD

you will need to first remove it from the azure domain

Settings/UserAccounts/Work Access

then add it to the local domain, then you can readd it to the azure domain

From the Document you want to fax select File and Print (or the print icon)


Select the “Sharp Fax Printer″ as the printer and hit the print button


A Dialog will appear prompting for the Fax Number your sending it to.
You can also choose to include a fax cover
Select Next


If adding a cover sheet specify the location and the document
Select Next


Job Id can be left at default
Select Next


Log Viewer will open up and let you know if your job was sent to the fax machine


After a few moments it will let you know if the fax was completed Successfully or Failed.


How to Reset User Profile

By Trevor Bradford

1. Open Regedit
2. Browese to HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\Current Version\ProfileList
3. You will see the keys for each of the profiles, highlight each and look a tthe ProileImagePath, find the corrupted profile
4. delete the key for the corrupted profile
5. reboot computer

To disable SharePoint integration:
1. Open the registry.
2. Go to HKLM\SOFTWARE\Policies\Adobe\\\FeatureLockDown.
3. Create a key called cSharePoint.
4. Create a DWORD value called bDisableSharePointFeatures.
5. Set its value to 1.

I’ve come across several instances where the Windows start menu will not pop up when you click it or press the Windows key on the keyboard.
There is also a separate issue where Windows 8/8.1/10 apps will not launch. They flash on the screen briefly, but do not launch. The icon for the app may even show up on the taskbar, but does nothing when you click it.
In addition, this method can fix any issue relating to corrupt system files in Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (malware, hard drive corruption, etc.) and may be a good idea to do periodically on a year-to-year basis or after a failing HDD–>SSD migration.

Previously, I would have recommended a Windows Refresh/clean install to fix these issues (didn’t always work). Nowadays, I try ...

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Login to Office 365http:\\

Select the gear from the top left corner
select office 365 Settings


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Open outlook

If you previously had a signature find that signature in your sent items copy it.
Select New Email



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  • Restore has to be run from same windows version that you had installed.

  • The disk you want to boot from has to appear as disk 0 (port 1 sata, first raid disk)

  • you can clean the disk before restoring disk (disk part, select disk 0, clean)


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